Martells first day in a digital cultures campus

First Blog; Friday January 25th 2013

Not been here before; had heard of WordPress, had it recommended, so first foray into a blog. Things are changing fairly rapidly, chronologically; signed onto a MOOC last night and already drawn into a medly of a digital culture of hundreds of options, apps, approaches and ideas.

Never MOOCed, nor blogged before, now meeting fellow MOOC students from corners of the world I may never get a chance to visit, over a variety of social platforms, for communication, discussing the changing digital cultures and the shifting area of education within it.

There are lots ( hundreds, thousands) of freshers already rambling around this vast digital campus, I see this as a 3 or 4 dimensional space not the flat map of a school plan that has been suggested. I want to be suspended in a digital space creating synapses. I visualise a tangle. A rolling, moving, milling, teeming mass.

The freshers are all keen to start, waiting for Mondays first day of course input with varying degrees of confidence and knowledge in this field, some students who have been here a while and have set things up their way already. Some have Mooc-ed before, some talk of and occupy applications I have never considered. It seems as if there will be no right answer, so already I am having to let go of my inbuilt behaviour in an educational context of ‘doing the right thing’ ( whatever that was).  I hate competition – but I want to be ahead, there are others leagues ahead of me experientially. I will never catch up. I have to let go of this.

Im sitting with my back to the radiator, on a bolster, in my sitting room, laptop on my knees, ipad open nearby, in relative isolation yet ironically so connected. Normally I steer clear of diaries and reflection as it becomes so  self indulgent. Yet here I am writing in that self reflective sort of way.

Already I have been reading of Quad Blogging; an identified group who contribute and comment on each others blog entries. I am curious.

I am telling myself, that this learning will not hurt. It is by consent to be here, it is non accredited, there are no expectations in my personal sphere to complete, no pressures to participate, I am relatively safe to be myself in this forum even if it is in the form of an avatar, (if I am using the term in the right way?)  I am already in an arena of learning that I have not been before so I can use the term ‘experiential learning’
I want to use this blog to explore who, what is informing my participation
so for starters
A BBC article on Nam June Paik.

About martell2013

Progression Manager, widening participation. MA , FHEA. SEDA SLT .
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