Blog no. 3 on ‘In Box’

This film clip demonstrates to me a progression of increasing confidence in adapting to communication via the introduction of a new technology.

In the public sphere the couple could not make contact, possibly to social constraints and cultural expectations however much they longed for the contact. By a serendipidous moment of mistaken exchange they discover a relationship through the exchange of dialogue that initially develops through experimentation; to see what happens, then through exchange of gestures of communication such as the gifts and symbols (smiley icon)

As their confidence in use of the new technology grows ( gaining literacy) the communication grew to the exchange of questions between each other, each character constructing an alternative identity from the accummulation of artifacts sent through the communication system. The exchanges establishes a level of complexity and sophistication as they begin to play games over the media.

The formal identity of actual name comes last (but it could have been an alternative adopted identity an alter -ego).

Distopia occurs in the failure to be able to continue the relationship, as the characters had developed over-reliance on the stability of the technology. Also as their communication had failed to establish the basics of who they actually are, where are they located (which could still be an utopian anonyminity in other circumstances) before the system completely fails (by the tearing of the bag).

The technology has failed, important information had not been backed up, saved or established, so all seems lost until going back along the trail of breadcrumbs of the conversations and transactions ( returning to the original location) leads both characters back to the point where they first unintentionally met. The identification by the primary artefact (the red bag) becomes the indicator of all is not lost and the relationship can now begin in the real world and face to face.


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4 Responses to Blog no. 3 on ‘In Box’

  1. bwatwood says:

    I have to admit that this film clip resonated with me (and I saw it more utopian as they overcame the loss of the technology to find each other!).

    • martell2013 says:

      I found myself re-writing the comments in my head on the utopia/distopia divide the day after I posted it. The distopia could be seen as occurring at the very first stage of failing face to face communication as a social construct of behaviour in the public sphere so the technology frees them from those constraints. Can utopia/distopia be understood as a cycle of varying degrees from differing perspectives?

  2. Lorianne says:

    Hi Martell,
    I am going through your blog and would like to leave a little comment here. I thought your observation here was very interesting: “Distopia occurs in the failure to be able to continue the relationship, as the characters had developed over-reliance on the stability of the technology. (…)”
    The reason I found it interesting is that you had a very different interpretation than mine, yet yours also makes a lot of sense to me. It is fun to see things from a very different viewpoint. I had seen it as a more utopian vision where the relationship of the characters mirrors what happens when people are relating to each other online, for example, on facebook. The interactions become so much of part of life that the virtual becomes as real as a relationship in the real world. And that is the tearing of the bag – when the connection becomes real. On second thought, though, your interpretation makes more sense since they had to go back and actually look for each other after meeting through the message bag, I have seen several of the week 2 movies now. I really liked “Plurality” but I will need to reflect a little more before I have anything intelligent to say on it.

    • martell2013 says:

      Hi Lori, a quick reply to thank you for visiting and reading my blog and the perspective on it. I am also mid viewing the week2 clips so will comment more later. Best wishes Martell

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