We are the people we have been waiting for

Trailer for Lord Puttnam film ‘We are the people we have been waiting for’

My contribution of a resource for the #EDCMOOC resources on distopia and utopias.

The clip explores the future legacy of our younger generations and how their education is important to give them the confidence and skills to solve the issues we are leaving them; social, environmental that the world faces to day.

The context is a post industrial space where the young people enter the large space and subjected to a digital projection of clips of the legacy they are being left with, they witness and observe the reigning distopia of conflict, famine, environmental problems, rioting. What is evident is the significant shift required in education in order to solve these problems and education skills and strengths  we provide now prepares them to create the necessary change


About martell2013

Progression Manager, widening participation. MA , FHEA. SEDA SLT .
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1 Response to We are the people we have been waiting for

  1. Hi Martell, I have put my name on the list to quadblog with you (although at this moment, we are a duoblog, but things seem to move quickly in this digital universe we are inhabiting). I hope you agree. I read through your blog posts and it seems we share a few things: working in fields that deal with education, although not directly teaching ourselves; being relative newbies to online learning and the MOOC in particular; and seeking a way to connect in a way that is not possible with, as you aptly put it, the teeming beehive of fellow MOOCers. I look forward to sharing the blog experience and the MOOC journey with you and the still unknown two remaining bloggers. Here is my blog link: http://thatawkwardage.blogspot.ca/

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