Creating a visual portfolio in Pinterest

With one eye on the digital artefact in making.

Started a portfolio within Pinterest of visual imagery focusing on interactivity, synapses, data, spatial relationships, a lot of 3 dimensional structures from science and mapping.

It is a while since I have been in such a creative space! I was sceptical about pinterest portfolios to begin with as you are just acquiring others materials from their collections but it then began to be a real visual feast. Digital imagery scapbooking. Typographically I enjoy looking at the Tags mapping from the tweets and diagrams of the proportional scales representing numbers of times referenced for terms. But I feel technologically not able to create one myself. I am more inclined to create an installation or drawing from the concepts and then overlay some of the directions that have emerged from the digital cultures.

Just remembered the ‘Why jumping in immediately?’ comment from the tutors hangout.

Next weeks input from the course on Digital futures may take us somewhere completely different. But I feel a little more confident now due to holding a collection of images that I am drawn to. A digital toolkit for creative practice.


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Progression Manager, widening participation. MA , FHEA. SEDA SLT .
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1 Response to Creating a visual portfolio in Pinterest

  1. Lorianne says:

    Good idea! I have been saving websites in diigo, which is an application that is like having a library. It is a little more sophisticated than bookmarks because you can tag the site with your own tags and you can also highlight bits of the webpage before you save to find them easily. It had not occurred to me to use Pinterest for images for the assignment, but it makes a lot of sense.

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