New Ventures 03.02.13 ( 2 short of a full quadblog)


We are at the end of week 1 already!

Reflecting of where I have arrived.

Formerly new to a public blog,  being part of a hang out with the tutors on Friday ( A hang out sounds relaxed, it was a great social interaction, creating a social bonding across the cohort) and experiencing the rapid dialogue of tweetchatting on Saturday and now to building links with others in the community by tweet comments, tweets being favourited, (Thank you Chris Swift) blog comments. We are also in the process of commencing a duo blog exchange of comments and feedback (Hello to Lorraine Weston, my duo-blogger), the number of my tweet followers have increased substantially so now I hold an audience, perhaps for the duration of this course.

I am very aware of being read, observed, so acutely aware now of the need to try to be relevant and useful. My behaviour and input to discussion is being modified due to my unseen observers. But they are not unseen; but feel tangibly close by their comments and avatars. You begin to recognise individuals contributing.

As writing above I am looking back to Jeremy Bentham’s model of social and behaviourial control of the Panopticon of the unseen observer but that in itself is not an adequate model for what we are experiencing here as I have touched on above. In the EDCMOOC community there is a mass of peer student support, put out a query and a reply comes back, the course is running at 24/7 due to the global community so we are all participating in our own timetable and timescale. Individualised learning.

It seems that the tutors have initiated the structure of information, the event as a catalyst for response, to which the mass of the EDMOOC student population consequently build a web of information, response and knowledge onto that structure.

An impression gained from the listening into the hang out on Friday was that the binary of distopia and utopia is too simplistic a definition.

We need to find something ‘Beyond utopia/distopia’

In the scratch notes made on the first listening of the live hang out I have listed a series of terms prompted that attempts to deal with aspects of digital-ness/ e-immersion.

It seems that we need to differentiate our understanding of e-learning and digital cultures into nuances, ( a mille-fleur?) of the digital experience, differences of – literacy, fluency, familiarity, aptitude, phobia, proficiency, openness, confidence, accessibility.

‘e-learning can be many things’


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