Quadblog16 04/02/13

Quad 16. Inclusivity and Widening Access via e-learning

1. Martell Linsdell —> https://martellsmooc.wordpress.com/

Widening Participation Co-ordinator, UK

2. Lorianne Weston http://thatawkwardage.blogspot.ca/ Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Manager of Accreditation and Education for non-profit professional association and newbie to the world of MOOCs

3. Jane Turner, http://fynefandango.blogspot.co.uk/

 Scotland, UK

4. Tatiana Malugina http://russianmoocexperiment.blogspot.com/ Poland

Above is our Quadblog team of 4. We have currently lost contact with Jane Turner via Facebook communication but we hope to contact her soon.

We are planning to make a point to read each others blogs with a view to giving feedback and comments on each others experiences and interpretations of the film clips and hopefully give mutual support to the Digital Artefact stage of the course.

I have tried to leave comments on Lori’s Blog but failed after quite a bit of writing a draft. I am finding Word Press not quite as intuitive a user interfaceafter all, particularly when trying to leave messages in others blogs. My way around this I think is to read the blogs (once I have managed to view Week 2’s Films and do the reading and then make comment here in this blog) and perhaps highlight it via twitter.

Also thought as a group we might try setting up a tweet conversation using a hashtag such as #EDCQB16 (?), but this is also still to be tested. We are all geographically fairly well spread; in Canada, Poland, Scotland and Yorkshire so I will need to understand the time differences between Europe, UK and Canada so that we might find some common time for live chat.

Personally I feel the pace (in me) has changed already at the start of this week, rather than jumping in but feeling as though I want to be slightly more paced about when I do things ( the day job gets in the way with its demands). I found switching to the Pinterest Boards to gather visual stimulus refreshing and is giving some potential pointers towards a digital artefact approach. I just wish I had 3D/ animation skills but may have to head for a something in interpretation through a Prezi possibly. I had experienced Prezi as I had completed a SEDA SLT Award in e-learning at the University (Supporting Learning through Technologies). We were introduced to Prezi, Jing and Mahara e-portfolio compilation within Moodle2 which is the VLE at the University for students and staff.

A short message to my fellow bloggers; Jane, Lori and Tatiana> I look forward to spending some more time with your Blogs and finding out your experiences of the MOOC. I think Lori observed that we were all fairly new to MOOCs and Blogs. I would like to try to immerse myself in more interpretation of the film clips for week 2 first. There is so much to do and in week 1 I definitely put in  more than the 3-5 hours as it is so easy to get drawn into the peripheral activities.

Some of the other commentators have not liked the idea of peer assessment and feedback but I am fine with that. The experience gained whilst engaging with this MOOC has already been immense. It has encouraged me to sample communication tools and applications that I have not had a need to explore. It is hard to know how this is going to change my approaches to digital-ness in the future but I am fairly confident that this heightened facility on a personal scale is valuable.

So signing off for now as I wish to view the film clips for the first viewing and explore the resources.

Thank you everyone for reading, commenting, offering your thoughts and examples; the twitter threads, the questions, the files and the ‘liveness’ of it; is making a community of strangers feel very close. I think I have previously described the tutors as introducing a structure and the MOOC participants are fleshing it out, I want to use the word ‘cocooning’, as in silk threads. But also as a mesh traps particles that accummulate. I certainly do not feel alone and isolated in this learning pathway.

We are a community of sentient beings; intermingling our pathways of learning.

~and some order is beginning to emerge.

Just to quickly add I am meeting face to face Rob Hardy and possibly Celine tomorrow in the coffee bar at the University. Looking forward to hearing their thoughts and Rob has been setting up some sort of analytical tool for the twitter feeds and comments and I look forward to seeing what the results are.

Thank you , Goodnight, I am off to viewing the film clips without distraction.


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Progression Manager, widening participation. MA , FHEA. SEDA SLT .
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1 Response to Quadblog16 04/02/13

  1. Lorianne says:

    That is great you are going to meet fellow MOOCers. I found out yesterday that the prof at the evening course I am doing in adult learning is enrolled in our MOOC. Also, my sister-in-law and brother heard how excited I was and also enrolled. It feels like the whole world is joining the MOOC! I am perfectly comfortable with you tweeting our quadblog info or otherwise posting it. My facebook is set to privacy on my photos/posts/personal info and so is my google+
    Plus, if anyone does find out I am doing this MOOC, I think it only says good things about my interests, so no problem. Sorry you had a problem leaving comments on my blog. I am happy for you to comment on your own blog but it is easier to match the comment to the blog entry if it is right there. Maybe next time you may try copying it before sending (Ctrl + c) and then if you were to lose it, you would use Ctrl + v to paste it again in a Word document, for example.
    When you leave a comment (by clicking at the bottom of the post where it says No comment), you have the option to log in using your wordpress account or google and you can even preview it before you publish. I am also fine with peer assessment and hope to finish the artefact before the last minute so I can get feedback from you and our fellow quadbloggers.

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