Travelling into a dark place #edcmooc

Written on the delayed 19.03 from Kings Cross – it is now 21.31pm 13th February 2013, in response to our edcmooc readings.

My notes;

  •  ‘Machine of the year
  • ‘Exploiting millennial fears about the future of humanity’
  • ‘Rational thought quite simply, makes humans human’.
  • Universal declaration of human rights
  • ‘We are all the same’
  • ‘A human essence’
  • ‘The boy in the bubble depending on machines for. Everything including survival’.

= The collective of commuters in the train depending on signals for everything. All systems are interconnected for survival.

A steel tube of commuters; we are collectively the boy in the bubble; we also inhabit a larger enclosed sphere with its thin membrane of oxygen and held to the core by gravity that holds us down – so there is no escape.

[1d 28; reference for lateness ( my reference to claim compensation for the cancelled trains and the delays)]

Communications surround us, food production and logistics supply us. We are as if one organism; a community

are dependent on our tools of our (collective) making.

It has always have been the case; from the first flint arrow or axehead. As a community we communicated by gestures. A poke or a smile. Survival tended to work better when we were part of a community with mutual support to ward off our competitors. The single occupation bubbles areinsular or isolated. Survival is enhanced by morphing our bubbles together into a larger sphere creating  a global sphere of connections and communications.

Technological developments brought life changes of warmth, fire, light and communication.

Is post humanism a constant state? Relevant to we are at that time? Competition for limited resources, space, bandwidth  creates tensions conflict and clashes, if not crashes.

I m sitting on a train, warm, well lit and currently progressing seemingly well , however two were cancelled prior to us and we are running 90 minutes late and the lady next to me knows that we will be stopped soon in Doncaster due to a signaling failure that she is aware of by other means of communication.  She is connected by mobile phone and wifi to the outside world via her sister who is a train ahead of us. Between us we possess information not yet formally given and we are anticipating the outcomes. We become observers of the failure to be open, the withholding of knowledge. The System we are in is not lying, just not be full with the truth.

I am immersed in a system that is in the act failing, wondering quite whether I will arrive to my destination tonight or am I stuck as I have missed all my other connections.

The greater  machine is working away in the background with monitoring my credit cards and the financial support system  which will protect and sustain me  (well get me a taxi or a room if needs be. I do not currently need food as I had used that system to get something at the station. But eventually I will need to eat again and the foodstuffs will need restocking.

When/ if I arrive home tonight my support systems inherently built into my machine generated living space will have warmed the house waiting for my arrival.

The train guard announces buoyantly that we are only 30 minutes late which is just not true, he also does not indicate what we, as observers, know so the event that is due in 15 minutes time into Doncaster does not exist. We are being spun a delusion of efficiency, connectiveness and service.

The failure of the machine (due to the failure of a train and or a signal)) means we are heading into an event. A timeline rolling itself out

We are given a reference of 1d28 as a reference code for when we can claim compensation.  i had a seat booking on my cancelled train so can evidence my degree of lateness. Which I might do just to see if that system actually works for us but I hold no breath of expectation.

Post humanism that is distopic is this; technologic, machine failure. The bubble only operates well if it works and synchs with the other systems. Communications, life support machines simulated worlds are only supportive if the machine is in good health.

The news has arrived to the train of the signal failure that we already knew about. Due to a major signal hub failure in York. The train guard says he is not receiving communications about the failure because of the failure. There is escalating collapse of the systems, compounding upon each other, link by link. We are waiting for platform space. The ripples of effect are reaching out across the region and down into the hub of city. Spilling out onto the concourse  of Kings Cross.

I am glad that I have no immediate dependents to worry about. I have only myself to get home. Eventually.  As long as the bank systems have not crashed I have the plastic means to buy myself out of this situation. My get out of jail card. Trains are backed up over the north.  ‘Im sorry for your delay. Please mind the gap when you leave the train’.

The train is stationary as we wait for platform space to draw into Doncaster. Seemingly the failure is now resolved so we might be able to proceed home after all.  I need to see if I have a connection to catch otherwise there is a gap in my current logistics sequence.

On the train everyone seems plugged into some piece of hardware, sometimes two devices at a time; mobiles, laptops, notebooks, tablets. We are sat here in real time. Now yet living our lives elsewhere, like how I am immersed into my post humanist blog . ‘Through the powerlost  it has affected the transport systems. We may experience some more delays this evening’ is announced over the tanoy. Through immersion in this blog,response or rant; my attention to this blog badly written. The pre- registered online booking of our seats have been rendered obsolete, potentially  decay of customer services to the point of compete break down.

Our train appears to have now passed its glitch of the signal failure and we are on the go again. The human collective has a short memory of inconvenience. Life goes back to normal until the next glitch or failure. We proceed through life thinking it is not going to happen to us. ‘If it not now, then when?’ If not me, then who?’  This quote came from the first female survivor of the July bombings in London as she was the closest person sat to the suicide bomber to have survived. She was the first on the tube of 25 fatalities who managed to survive, albeit terribly physically maimed. In that incident on that day it was the human collective, not the machine that failed.

Humanity, respect and dignity for each other had failed maliciously, vindictively, even virally.

I apologise for my rage against the machine. Its dark and my journey is completed for now.


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Progression Manager, widening participation. MA , FHEA. SEDA SLT .
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1 Response to Travelling into a dark place #edcmooc

  1. bwatwood says:

    No apologies needed…a fascinating story that swept us into your train…and highlighted many aspects of this week’s lesson on being human in a digital age. I was struck by your metaphor of existence in the tube train resembling the boy in the bubble.

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