Connecting Cultures 20 02 13

? Can an event be a digital artefact.

Today we have led a family focussed event in the community over the school half term holiday giving access to digital literacy. Digital drawing through Tagtools, projected onto the walls which captivated our young visitors all day, led by ‘Glass Cannon’. It was aimed at reaching out to a community of a secondary school and its feeder primary schools over its mid term break. We targeted communication via facebook and twitter, with booking in via ‘Eventbrite’ ticketing offering free refreshments for everyone who booked in. The images are all my own taken today, also everyone had signed photoconsent on entry additionally I have selected some fairly non  -identifying pics.

I had borrowed a Sony ‘Bloggie’ from the University which is a digital still and video camera with a USB stick incorporated so images could be downloaded very directly. The Pics are OK for digital viewing but a bit fuzzy for print quality in my opinion. But could be a useful tool for visiting groups to quickly create a blogpost or a reflective e-portfolio as part of an event/ workshop.


Plus we had digital story telling on our favourite things.





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Progression Manager, widening participation. MA , FHEA. SEDA SLT .
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