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March 8th, second post, still struggling with navigating and editting in wordpress, finding it clunky and sticky as always. Hence my second post.

Just to say I feel a sense of not quite wanting to let go of the excellent whirlwind of an experience we have just had with the edcmooc course and the University of Edinburgh teaching team. I am also not sure what they must feel to see student migration onto the other courses as we move onto the next available e learning opportunity. Did Open University deliberately time this in such a way as a recruitment tool? it does feels quite competitive in the MOOC Market. Fellow Mooc-ers had announced this Open Education course in the facebook forum which led me here.

I met face to face with Rob, fellow MOOC-er over coffee yesterday to talk through whats next and #robhogg and I are proposing putting a proposal together for a joint presentation on our recent MOOC student experience for an e-learning gathering at the university. Once I write up my scribbled notes from our conversation I may post the presentation plan here. Rob proposes we create a Google Docs collaborative piece of writing to pull it together. I think our discussion and planning has prompted my move on to this mooc, in order to find out more, to have a comparison experience of e learning through participation in the two moocs. Just to say that the feeling of the experience of returning to learning and joining a community of learners is quite refreshing. I like the newness of it all.

I am also trying to make observations as to where it is making an impact on my professional practice in Higher Education. My role is as the Widening Participation Co-ordinator at my university. I design outreach activities to engage with young people mature learners and communities, so the connection with e learning and techologies, enabling access to education is obvious in theory, yet I have to move my own skills along; hence my explorations within the e learning environment.

As an academic I have earlier experience of Blackboard and then we moved to Moodle2 as the chosen VLE. In my current role of WP I have introduced our team to Moodle2 as a means of communicating with our Student Ambassadors Group. I have a user experience of social media such as Facebook , originally strictly for the social side not work but those boundaries are blurring as Facebook was a main source of student communication on my last MOOC. Twitter I used originally to keep abreast of news , papers, publications from the keyplayers in my field of work following HEFCE, OFFA, UniversitiesUK, GuildHE, NEON, etc then #edcmooc experience gave us tweetchats and tutors hangouts which were a highlight of the communications experience and connectivity globally for me.I still marvel at being part of a 43K community and making contact with creative community from across the planet in wonderful places.

With the T E-Learning team I have participated in the SEDA SLT e-learning award and recently completed the Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) Professional Dialogic Route, in which I spoke of embracing new technologies within my practice. But I feel I still have a longway to go.

I come into this course with an introduction into Prezi and Pinterest which I enjoyed as a visual learner, plus this WordPress Reflective Blog my travels into digital cultures and e-learning. I’ ve dabbled in Jing, Thinglink and I was not too drawn to Google+, enrolling with it but ditching its use quickly because its user interface was so…dowdy. I may have to try again there to be convinced otherwise.

In my work I have also used Moodle2 to engage with year 10’s on a Business School Challenge so they could create live business plans. Recently we ran a ‘Connecting Cultures’ day event for a secondary school and primary feeders which had a tagtools , digital drawing activity where the youngsters could draw, project and animate their mark making.

Im looking forward to this mooc with the OU, not sure I can put all the amount of time expected into it but to familiarise myself with the Open Education concept more can only be a good thing. Also I note there are faces and names from my previous MOOC here already so I do not feel alone.


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Progression Manager, widening participation. MA , FHEA. SEDA SLT .
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  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Martell,

    Welcome to H817 open. Just in case it’s not clear, you need to tag posts you want to show up in the course blog http://h817open.net with the tag #h817open. If you just mention the text #’h817open in a blog post text it won’t show up in the course blog.
    This gives you the opportunity to say what you like about the course behind our backs as it were 🙂 , but juts remember to tag stuff you do want to show up.

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