#H817open artefact

#H817open artefact



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Progression Manager, widening participation. MA , FHEA. SEDA SLT .
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2 Responses to #H817open artefact

  1. Nice work Martell, your Prezi use is better than mine. I still feel a bit sea-sick with Prezi though. Good use of images and it works well as a stand-alone artefact.

    • martell2013 says:

      Thank you Martin for visiting and commenting on the artefact. Im wishing I could have more time to be with all the thoughts and ideas that are created by the #h817open course content. The slower pace was a little shock to begin with , and the more formal layout of the OU webpages. I found them visually very cluttered and distracting with all the additional (non mooc related) stuff. I can feel a sense of settling into this MOOCS pace, structure and the more pick and mix approach to its content but I worry I might lose track so as yet have not read beyond week 2 pages. Again thank you for your comment.

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