Activity 4 20/03/13

Activity 4  20/03/13

Free Mind mapping for consideration of priorities for activities and research in Open Education Resources that as a funder I may have concerns for.
My selected three would be

How would a MOOC provider ensure the quality of the course and the student experience? Rather like a NSS (National Student Survey) of MOOCs where all aspects of Teaching Learning and Assessment are monitored annually, creating league tables of HEIs and Programmes. Quality of the interaction, timely provision of clear information. Feeding forward and Feedback. The reputation of the MOOC Institution I felt was quite important.

2.Accessibility . Ties in with quality as the design and user interface, level, support and guidance is important. 


How are MOOCs going to fund themselves? What is the legacy beyond the MOOC? You can see the Institutions using it as a promotional tool , marketing their other accreditted programmes. It disemminates the work of the authors of papers , publications and gains their work credibility and puts them on the Conference circuit. A lot appears to be part hard brick part Open where one is informing the other.
This exercise has raised loads of questions, which you can see that I have touched on the map and I am aware that I need to know more about the reuse policies/ creative commons and IPR. Which I think is coming up next in this course.

I am also aware that I have approached this from the perspective of somebody who is operating within the system of Higher Education and very much using the model I know.

A lot of my thoughts are using structures of Benchmarks, Evaluation, Quality that we have to abide by. most of the participants in the MOOCs I have come across are PostGrad so we are products from within the system that OER is challenging as an approach > My perspective may need shifting to take on Openness as a concept and as a completely different approach to the current system.

If I started this again from the root of Openness, it may be serving a completely different group of students . Could it be that informal learning follows once the formal path of accreditted learning has been achieved? I know there is more to learning than just a qualification but we are all trying to move on somewhere towards something. Or is there something I am just not seeing?

Also I ought to add these views and comments that I am exploring by participating in this MOOC are entirely my own and not of the organisation I am part of!


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Progression Manager, widening participation. MA , FHEA. SEDA SLT .
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