#edcmooc #h817open Moving On Friday 8th March 2013

A touch of insommia has led to this development. There I was yesterday in a post mooc euphoric glow of satisfaction, chatting to #robhogg as to where we were and where does this all go now?

It was only yesterday, over coffee I was stating that I felt quite precious about my mooc blog and felt I wanted to preserve it as an artefact, a fixed contained item, only to find 16 hours later in the early hours of wide awake curiousity that I am enrolled on the Open University, Open Learn Open Education MOOC #h817open. Intending to participate as an informal learner, allowing myself not to try to commit to 16 hours per week which is a tad daunting.

Already I have added to my arsenal of apps by signing up to cloudworks and the notion of badge collecting

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Digital Artefact attempt 3; tried a prezi approach this time

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My Digital artefact for assessment

Hello mystery assessor/s.

This is me doing a belts and braces approach but I am submitting this, my #EDCMOOC Blog as my digital artefact as it demonstrates my pathway of engagement with the whole programme of study, responses to the input, readings and film clips and struggle at times with the time and input required.

Please do not get me wrong I have really enjoyed being a participant to the course and its innovative nature. I have enjoyed exploring new experiences and applications and I am confident this has informed my professional practice already. As I took part in a Association for Learning Teachnology (ALT) webinar today on Elluminate live on ‘Learning in the classroom of the future’ on Synergy net research in learning by Liz Burd and Emma Mercier from Durham University. We were able to ask questions and interact with the tutors in response to their presentation but the learning felt more formal than the community engagement here. It was a more structured¬† experience than the EDCMOOC tutors hang outs we have experienced over the past weeks but I felt I was in a more familiar environment and that my confidence in that mode of learning had increased. Also this followed yesterdays event on Digital Literacies in my community engagement work as a Widening Participation Co-ordinator that I talk about in the blog below.

So I hope to update my assessment submission between now and the deadline but I cannot guarantee that as my other life is making demands on me. Time is collapsing. The course has been eyeopening and thought provoking. I have ventured into Hang Outs, Tweetchats, Pinterest, Word Press , Social Network Analysis and the MOOC itself that I have never ventured into before. The immersion in the course has left many threads open and in a way I find it difficult to summarise in one visual statement or artefact as I wish to gestate or ruminate my learning for longer rather than present a conclusion. I hope this will be acceptable to my assessors.

So now to enter into the mysteries of this assessment phase where I believe I submit and commit to giving feedback on three other submissions.

Thank you for reading and considering my part – fellow Moocian.

Best wishes


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Avatar days

ooh this has taken me back into my second life avatar; she was much much more sassy and attitudinal than me. far more daring in dress and appearance. She influenced me quite a lot whilst we co-existed. She led me into quite cultural forums and places of learning in that world but also into all sorts of dens of a dubious nature. I particularly recall a more elderly avatar with a laptop asking me my age! Other occupants of my second life explorations were also quite exotic in costume and appendages and behaviour at times. I did not stay in second life for long enough to build property but I liked the design concept although became frustrated by meeting walls with barriers. I ‘did’ second life for educational purposes to find out what all the reports of commercial gain, the virtual campus and locations of learning was coming from.

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Going back to Robbie

I have lost my original response and now I am re-visiting writing it after viewing Gumdrop and True Skin. What has become apparant is Robbie’s loneliness and abandonment. He is a reflectively condittioned robot who has a sense of memory and desire. What came across was his ( genderised Robot but we are talking of a machine so my conditioning is labelling him as ‘a ‘him’.That is in my taxonomy and classification conditionning as Gumdrop is female due to ‘her’ skirt, gestures and mannerism).

The cruelty of Robbies makers is to condemn him to become obselete and space junk. Rendered useless by an expired battery life. That we all have to face at unknown points of time; he knew his destiny and could control the quality of his demise to his final wishes and moments.

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True Skin

A Hopper-esque urban setting, body modification has become a market street art, a sub street culture in a world of dodgy deals and high comsumerism. Physical modifications are there to be fashionable; otherwise you are just in customer service on the market stall. Choices are at calculated odds, hiding from tracking/ data tracery is useless. Plain bodies are so passe.

(I appear to have lost my Robbie Comments) in my blog.

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